wood water


The Polish Sales Market, for a long time had been lacking an offer for something special which could be add to the alcohol. That is why we decided to find the solution. Wood Water was created out of passion for travelling, trying something new, trying new tastes of alcohol. We also had the desire to introduce to the market something new. Several months of work, market analysis, design development and tasting, tasting and once again tasting resulted in the creation of our product that is not only elegant and tasty but also intriguing.

Wood Water is unique of its simplicity - it is enough to pour the flakes with any alcohol of your choice and from that moment we can see and observe the changing colour and feel the original taste. It is our original beginning and we make every effort to ensure our customers to be satisfied and feel only the joy of the received product. You are invited to our shop and have fun creating your own unique alcohol


Enjoy the delicious taste!


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